AirKing Single Slide.

AirKing Single Slide Suitable For Children Up To 13 Years the Childrens Garden Slide.

This garden slide is for use out in the garden its fully waterproof and won't fade or crack in bright sunlight as the blow moulded slide seat is UV Ultra Violet light protected and the frame of the slide is a powder coated steel frame so not only will the frame not rust but it looks good too with a green metal frame to match your garden lawn and a turquoise (light blue) slide seat.
AirKing Single Slide, Suitable For Children Up To 13 Years.

Suitable For Children Up To 13 Years, Childrens Garden Slide.

The metal frame uses galvanised steel joints which will not rust and has passed European safety laws in the form of the EN-71 safety standard and all the fittings have been reinforced, the slide is suitable for all children up to a maximum age of 13 years old.

The slide is 1 meter 35cm (135cm) in height and 1 meter 80cm (180cm) in length and has four rungs on the slide ladder so the rungs are not far apart and won't overstretch younger children, the frame of the slide is the classic 'T' design which provides the maximum stability so the slide cannot fall over as there's also a set of galvanised steel anchor pegs which you can hammer into the ground to provide the slide with maximum stability for the strongest slide you can cement the anchor pegs into the ground for a permanent fixture in your garden or just push the anchor pegs into the lawn with your hands for a more temporary slide location.

You only need 2 clear meters of space to use this slide so in small gardens it's very economical and won't swamp your garden leaving you with no further room.

The slide frame features top handles so children can hold the handles at the top of the slide before they slide down.

This slide comes with a one year guarantee and free delivery by courier.
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