High Bounce Acrobatic Trampoline.

AirKing Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is a High Bounce Acrobatic Trampoline, it's the rectangular shape that gives the trampoline its high bounce characteristics, you get a much higher bounce from a rectangular trampoline than you do from a circular or oval trampoline.

High Bounce Acrobatic Trampolines like the AirKing Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline are ideal for children and adults that are looking for a bit more fun than your average garden trampoline, these high bounce trampolines are all safe and come with a safety enclosure which is like a soft netting and foam pole fence that surrounds the trampoline surface and prevents children from falling off the trampoline onto the floor, should a child get near the edge the soft safety enclosure fence gently pushes them back into the middle of the trampoline.

AirKing Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, High Bounce, Acrobatic Trampoline

AirKing Rectangular 6ft x 9ft High Bounce Acrobatic Trampoline.

As well as the trampoline surface which gives great bounce and a rectangular shape which is used by all acrobatic trampolines, the AirKing Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline also has 48 high bounce springs which keep you bouncing higher and for longer whilst using the same effort.

Trampolines use soft touch polypropylene mesh instead of a rubber mat, they don't degrade in the sun and rain like rubber does and water just falls straight through them meaning you can use your trampoline straight after inclement weather.

Adults as well as children can bounce on this acrobatic trampoline as it has a maximum user weight of 26 stone.
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