Garden Trampoline

AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure, Garden Trampoline ideal for children of all ages to have fun in the garden.

The all round safety enclosure means this 10ft garden trampoline is safe for your children and the frame carrys a five year warranty.

AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure, Childrens Garden Trampoline

AirKing Pro 10ft Garden Trampoline.

The safety enclosure fits all the way round the garden trampoline, its a strong netting held upright by foam coloured poles, if your children bounce into the netting they are gently pushed backwards back into the centre of the trampoline.

The safety enclosure has a zip doorway which can be fastened when inside and unzipped to leave the trampoline.

As well as a safety enclosure this garden trampoline is also supplied with a ladder to help the smaller children climb up to the trampoline and down again afterwards.

The strong steel frame has eight legs which provide trampoline stability on grass, sand, soil, paving slabs, concrete, decking and many other play surfaces.

There's 80 springs in this garden trampoline, as well as 80 springs the actual surface of them trampoline contributes to the bounce as well, modern trampolines like this one are made of a woven material which provides good bounce and does not degrade in sunlight or rain like older style trampolines, the trampoline surface shakes of water through the woven material and can be bounced on straight away after a rainy shower, and so is perfect for our British weather.

With a five year warranty against the frame rusting and a one year warranty on all other parts you can see this trampoline is good value for money, delivered free of charge by courier with full assembly instructions and all tools included.
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