Trampoline for Young Children.

The AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, a Trampoline for Youngsters, this younger children's trampoline comes with free delivery.

If you're looking for a trampoline for younger children or just don't have the space for a bigger trampoline, then consider the AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline, it's very safe with a safety enclosure running all round the trampoline, the safety enclosure is a net that prevents your young children from falling off the trampoline, if the bounce towards the net, they are gently pushed back by the soft foam covered net.

AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Trampoline for Youngsters, Younger Children Trampoline

AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline for Young Children.

Forty eight springs give this excellent little trampoline plenty of bounce, it's just like its bigger cousin trampolines in everything except size and price.

Whilst a trampoline for younger children to enjoy safely, the trampoline is still top spec with a maximum user weight of 16 stone, so you know no matter how hard or high your little ones bounce the AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline will keep them safe and happy.

There's a full five year warranty against rust on all the metal parts of this little trampoline so leaving it outside in the garden won't cause any problems.

For maximum stability this little trampoline has six legs and can be used on grass, wooden decking, sand, concrete or if you have the room indoors.

There's a toggle fastening door in the safety netting for letting your children in and out of the trampoline.

The trampoline fabric has a one year guarantee and uses ten rows of stitching to ensure maximum strength, it's worth repeating that not one, or two or three rows of stitching but ten rows of stitching in the fabric to keep the trampoline strong and hardwearing.
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