Childrens Trampoline.

The AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline is a Childrens Trampoline, a small trampoline designed for younger children.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone or 100kg adults can use this mini trampoline too and the high quality sturdy design is ideal for the rough and tumble that youngsters will give it.

AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline, Childrens Trampoline, Small Trampoline

AirKing Mini 5ft Childrens Trampoline.

All the metal parts of the trampoline are guaranteed to be rust free for five years so you can safely leave the trampoline out in the garden, all the fabric parts are waterproof and won't fade or crack in sunshine or rain.

Forty eight springs and a very bouncy trampoline surface made from a polypropylene weave give excellent bounce and fun for the whole family.

At 5ft in diameter the trampoline is big enough to have lots of fun on without the trampoline taking over the whole garden, it is of course suitable for smaller gardens where space is at a premium.

Six legs provide stability on all surfaces including grass lawns, sand, paving slabs, concrete and wooden decking.

The trampoline is lower to the ground than its big trampoline cousins and this makes it ideal for younger children who would have trouble reaching a taller trampoline or who would be uncomfortable so high up.

Use this mini trampoline for adult exercise too, trampolining is a very good form of cardio vascular exercise involving the whole body.

With free delivery and a super low price now is the time to buy you and the children a mini trampoline.

With the AirKing Mini 5ft trampoline you don't even need a garden any area of ground or even temporary area where you can put the trampoline down for the children to play and then take the trampoline back indoors after play so you don't even need a grass area of your own you can also site the trampoline on sand or wood chippings or other safe surface.

If you're leaving the trampoline outside then you might want to consider the trampoline anchor kit which will secure the trampoline frame to the ground with a stake you can even cement the stake into the ground for a permanent trampoline or for a temporary location you can push the stake into the ground if your leaving the trampoline outside and bearing in mind its a small trampoline that you may worry will be stolen so you can secure it to the ground to prevent theft.

The soft touch polypropylene mat coupled with the springs is what gives the trampoline its bounce the bounce mat is made from a polypropylene weave which lets rain water ass through so the trampoline surface won't get waterlogged and won't rot ort get mildew so its far more hygienic than other brands of trampoline that flood when it rains.

The trampoline legs have a curve in the=m this is to provide extra stability if someone too heavy for the trampoline bounces on it so the frame won't break as the curve will just straighten its one of the nice features that makes the mini trampoline so hardwearing and long lasting.

The mini trampoline is delivered fee of charge by courier and needs some light assembly you need a couple of tools for assembly and these are included with the trampoline so there's nothing to buy and you won't need any special DIY skills as assembly is easy.
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