14ft Garden Trampoline.

The AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is a 14ft Garden Trampoline, it's a children's trampoline that puts safety first, the trampoline comes with a safety enclosure, this is a safety net or safety fence that surrounds the trampoline and pushes the children back into the centre of the trampoline should they bounce onto the safety enclosure.

The safety enclosure also prevents children from falling out of the trampoline and landing on the floor, there's a zip doorway which allows entry and exit, this can be zipped up when the children are using the trampoline and unzipped when the children have finished trampolining and wish to climb out.

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AirKing Lite 14ft Garden Trampoline.

There's a five year anti-rust warranty on the frame so its great just to leave the trampoline out in the garden knowing that its designed to survive the rigours of the British weather.

The trampoline surface is made from a woven polypropylene material with excellent elasticity to give great bouncing, the weave means that rain and showers will just fall off the surface, the days of rubber trampolines that corrode, flake and hole are long gone.

Eighty eight springs make up this garden trampoline, each spring is a high bounce spring, the springs combine with the elasticity of the trampoline surface create for a really bouncy trampoline for all the children to enjoy.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone its not just the children who can enjoy this garden trampoline adults will enjoy the trampoline too, trampolining is a very good source of cardiovascular exercise as your whole body is involved in trampolining, your arms, legs, torso and even your bottom.

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