AirKing Jasper Swing Set.

AirKing Jasper Swing Set the Garden Swing Set with Two Child Seesaw Seat, Flexible Swing Seat and Standing Swing.

This garden swing set has three different swings on its all metal frame there's a seesaw seat which allows two children to rock backwards and forwards as they sit on the moulded plastic seats that are UV Ultra Violet light resistant so won't rot, crack or fade with age and there's also a flexible seat which children sit in and swing backwards and forwards and there's also a standing swing where children can climb up onto the swing platform and rock themselves backwards and forwards.
AirKing Jasper Swing Set, Garden Swing Set.

Garden Swing Set, Two Child Seesaw Seat, Flexible Swing Seat, Standing Swing.

The swing frame is a very high stability 'A' frame which cannot easily be tipped over no matter how vigorous the children swing but also for added safety galvanised steel pegs are included with the swing set and these can be hammered or pushed into the lawn to prevent the swing set from moving as these pegs anchor the swing set in place, for the highest level of safety and for a permanent swing you can concrete the anchor peg into the ground.

All three swings have nylon ropes that won't rot or degrade with age, rain water or sunlight and have height adjustable ropes so you can customise the swing for the height of the child, when you adjust the height of the swing you don't have to cut the rope you just use the height adjuster on the rope so as the children grow you can keep adjusting the ropes (no tools are required to make a rope adjustment).

With both a twin station skyride (seesaw seat) and a disk swing seat (standing swing) your children will have a lot of fun on different types of swings not usually found on your average garden swing set.
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