AirKing Coromandel Metal Swing Set.

AirKing Coromandel Metal Swing Set with Swing Seat, Seesaw Seat, Hand Swing and Twin Monkey Bars.

This swing set has everything your need to keep several children entertained in the garden it's got a swing seat with rot proof nylon rope and a seesaw seat for two children to sit on together and hand swings or twin monkey bar swings plus the frame is made from steel that has been powder coated with galvanised steel joints to prevent rust and the seats are made from tough blow moulded plastic that is resistant to both rain water and sunlight damage as its protected from UV Ultra Violet light damage.
AirKing Coromandel Metal Swing Set, Swing Seat, Seesaw Seat, Hand Swing.

Swing Seat, Seesaw Seat, Hand Swing, Twin Monkey Bars.

This swing set is suitable for children from any age up to and including age 13 and is manufactured to European safety standard EN-71 so you know your buying a quality swing set that is actually approved for sale in Europe rather than a grey import which might prove unsafe.

The swing set comes with galvanised steel anchor pegs these can be pushed into the grass with your hand or hammered in for more protection and prevent the swing set from tipping over, it's a strong and sturdy swing set that is most unlikely to ever tip over but the galvanised steel pegs are there for safety and ensure the swing will never tip over for ultimate reassurance you can concrete in the anchor pegs into the ground making a permanent swing fixture in your garden that's the safest possible.

You don't need much room to have this swing in your back garden as long as you have two meters square of space then your be able to comfortably fit this swing into your garden making it a very space efficient piece of outdoor play equipment for your children.

The swing set comes with a one year warranty and free delivery by courier.
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