Safety Net.

AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Free Safety Enclosure, Free Ladder, Free Weather Protection Cover and Free Safety Net.

The AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline is a trampoline for use outside in the garden by the children and adults as it has a maximum user weight rating of 19 stone.

AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, with Free Ladder, Free Weather Protection Cover, Free Safety Net

AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline and Safety Net.

Thanks to the safety net and a few additional safety measures like an all round safety next and safety enclosure which surrounds the trampoline surface and attaches to the trampoline so there are no gaps for small hands and feet to get trapped in between the trampoline and the safety net, also the safety net supports are all covered in thick protective foam.

More safety features include 8 legs which provide good stability on a variety of outdoor surfaces including grass, paving slab, sand, wooden decking, concrete and wood chippings to name bu a few.

All the metal parts of this 14ft trampoline are guaranteed to be free from rust for 5 years and the other items of the trampoline are guaranteed for one year.

14 ft trampolines or 14 feet trampolines are large trampolines in diameter that's two 6 foot adults lying end to end with plenty of space to spare, the 14 ft trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier in a couple of flat boxes, so its easy to store in your house until you have had time to assemble the trampoline after which the trampoline can stay in the garden forever as it comes with a weather protection cover to keep it looking nice all year every year.

Other items supplied with this 14 ft trampoline are a ladder so smaller children can climb up and down.

Once in the trampoline a zipped door in the safety net can be fastened so children can't fall out of the trampoline, then when they have finished trampolining simply unzip the safety net door so the children can climb down the ladder.
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