10ft Trampoline.

AirKing Classic 10ft Trampoline with safety enclosure to keep the children safe surrounded by a safety net so they can't fall off the trampoline, free ladder so smaller children can easily climb onto the trampoline and a waterproof cover to keep the rain away.

Also included with this 10ft trampoline is a free spring adjuster for adjusting the springs for maximum bounce, this 10ft trampoline also comes with free delivery by courier.

AirKing Classic 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Free Ladder and Free Waterproof Cover

AirKing Classic 10ft Trampoline.

72 springs provide the bounce for this 10ft trampoline, the exact number of springs has been mathematically worked out to give the highest bounce and the most repeatable bouncing across the entire surface of the 10ft trampoline.

What you would think is the trampoline rubber surface that you bounce on, these days is not made of rubber it's a high tech polypropylene woven soft touch mat to give it the proper name, this surface adds extra bounce on top of the bounce that you already get from the springs that hold this surface in place.

The trampoline surface is elastic and does not stretch, it actually bounces without stretching, it's an easy draining surface too that shakes of rainwater quickly so you can be back on the trampoline straight away without the need to wait for the trampoline to dry out after a shower because the trampoline surface will already be dry.

The trampoline surface is ultra violet UV radiation resistant too so it won't fade or crack in the sun, like some makes of trampoline.

The trampoline surface is held o the trampoline by galvanised metal rings, galvanised metal won't rust and will give years of service.

The edge of the trampoline is covered in foam padding to protect your children while they bounce.

The Airking Classic 10ft Trampoline has an impressive five year guarantee and comes with free delivery.
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