Several Children Jumping At Once.

AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure suitable for Several Children Jumping At Once on this Garden Trampoline.

This large trampoline is ideal if you want several children jumping at once in perfect safety the octagonal shape gives the most space on a trampoline and the large size ensures all children can jump at the same time with plenty of room.

AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Several Children Jumping At Once, Garden Trampoline

AirKing 10ft Trampoline Several Children Jumping At Once.

Octagonal trampolines are unique in allowing children to play together and bounce together as the octagonal shape ensures that when two or more children are bouncing together the trampoline surface will not pull together like other shaped trampolines.

Included is a safety enclosure that runs round the outside edge of the trampoline and prevents children from bouncing off the trampoline, there's a zip doorway in the safety enclosure to allow easy entry and exit from the trampoline for your children.

You can enjoy bouncing on the trampoline with your children, something that you can only do on an octagonal shape trampoline as this trampoline has a maximum user weight of 24 stone.

Eight legs provide maximum security and sturdiness so you can erect this trampoline on grass, wooden decking, sand and concrete.

A five year anti-rust warranty is included against rusting of any of the metal parts of this trampoline, delivery is also free.
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