Air League Premier Indoor Table Tennis Table.

Air League Premier Indoor Table Tennis Table with Wheels For Moving and a Raised Side For Solo Play.

You can play with a partner or on your own with this full size table tennis table because one side of the table is hinged and can be raised upwards to create a wall which you can play table tennis against as when the ball strikes the wall at the back of the table the ball will be returned exactly like it was returned by another player so you can have a very good game of table tennis on your own as well as play with two people one on each side of the table in the conventional manner.
Air League Premier Indoor Table Tennis Table, Wheels For Moving.

Wheels For Moving, Raised Side For Solo Play.

Included is two table tennis posts and a net for the middle of the table these fasten to the table with clamps which are easily tightened by hand and feature an adjustor to set how tight the net is across the table.

This is a folding table that folds completely flat with the legs of the table having wheels at the bottom you can wheel the folded table around your home and store the folded (flat) table against a wall out of the way the table comes with its own protective cover which keeps both dust and dirt off the table when not in use.

The legs of the table have wheels for moving the table and these wheels have a lever to lock the wheels in place so the table won't move whilst your playing, the outer legs which are on the sides of the table that lift up have legs which are adjustable so you can make the table sit level on the most uneven of floors.

The table comes with free delivery and one year's guarantee plus a heavily discounted price.
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