Air League HB58 Basketball Stand.

Air League HB58 Basketball Stand with Adjustable Height 7ft to 10ft and Heavy Base for Freestanding.

Want a basketball hoop in your garden but don't want to have to do any DIY attaching a hoop then this basketball hoop with stand is ideal and with the quick height adjustment you can easily adjust the height of the hoop from 7 foot to a maximum of 10 foot high.
Air League HB58 Basketball Stand, Adjustable Height 7ft to 10ft.

Adjustable Height 7ft to 10ft, Heavy Base Freestanding.

The basketball hoop stand is actually lightweight but you fill the base with water or sand and that gives the base its extreme weight so it won't ever fall over.

To adjust the height of the basketball stand simply use the height adjustment lever on the back of the stand.

The backboard is very strong and made from acrylic so it won't rot no matter how many years you have the basketball hoop.

The basketball hoop stand has a metal frame and includes the hoop so you have everything you need to start playing basketball in your garden, no matter how small an area of garden or just concrete or even just a bit of footpath is enough for this self standing basketball stand and if your very short on space for the children to play then a basketball stand is ideal as basically all you need is the space to stand the basketball stand and your ready to play.

When filled with water the basketball stand weighs 152kg that's 24 stone and when filled with sand the basketball stand weights 160kg that's 25 stone more than enough weight to make this a very solid basketball stand and with two wheels on one side of the basketball stand you can tilt the stand and wheel it along the floor if you need to more the stand around.

The basketball hoop and stand comes with one years warranty and free delivery.
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